What is Temenos T24

Temenos T24, now commonly referred to as Temenos Transact, is a core banking software product developed by Temenos, a global company specializing in banking software. Temenos Transact is designed to support various banking operations and provide a comprehensive, scalable, and flexible platform for financial institutions. Here are some key points about Temenos T24/Transact:

  1. Core Banking Solution: T24 is used by banks and other financial institutions to manage their core operations, including retail, corporate, and investment banking.

  2. Modular Architecture: The software is built with a modular architecture, allowing banks to select and implement only the modules they need. This includes modules for customer management, account management, loans, deposits, payments, and more.

  3. Scalability and Flexibility: T24 is designed to handle the needs of both small and large financial institutions, offering scalability to support growing transaction volumes and customer bases. It can be customized to meet the specific requirements of different banks.

  4. Technology and Integration: The platform is built using modern technologies and can integrate with other systems and third-party applications, facilitating seamless operations and improving the overall efficiency of the banking processes.

  5. Compliance and Risk Management: T24 includes features that help banks comply with regulatory requirements and manage risk effectively. This includes support for anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer (KYC) procedures, and other regulatory compliance needs.

  6. Cloud and On-Premises Deployment: Temenos offers T24 both as an on-premises solution and as a cloud-based service. The cloud deployment offers additional benefits like reduced IT costs, scalability, and faster deployment times.

  7. Global Reach: Temenos T24 is used by financial institutions worldwide, making it one of the most widely adopted core banking systems globally.

  8. Continuous Development: Temenos regularly updates and enhances T24, incorporating new features, technologies, and regulatory changes to keep the platform up-to-date and competitive.

By implementing Temenos T24, banks aim to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Temenos T24 Functional course for new beginners:

Getting Started with T24:

· Introduction to T24 and its significance in the banking industry.

· Understanding the T24 environment and navigation tools.

User Management:

· Creating users and assigning roles.

· Exploring different types of users and their permissions.

Customer Management:

· Identifying various customer types.

· Managing static tables and mandatory customer details.

· Hands-on experience in opening bank customer records and accessing customer 360 views.

Account Management:

· Handling T24 Accounts (AC) and Arrangement Accounts (AA) accounts.

· Performing account-related tasks efficiently.

Fund Transfer Operations:

· Understanding the purpose of T24 Funds Transfer.

· Practical application of Funds Transfer Application.

· Capturing Funds Transfer and Standing Order transactions.

· Conducting inquiries for fund transfer transactions.

Teller Operations:

· Exploring the role of a teller in T24 operations.

· Learning key functionalities and tasks performed by tellers.

We also provide T24 TAFJ /TAFC Training Courses.

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Duration 15 Hrs

T24 Securities Back Office – T3TSCO

About T24 Securities Back Office:
The course enables Management and administration of settlement / corporate action transactions. In addition you can learn about the Key features of this module, setting up relevant parameter tables using the module for transaction processing and securities module back office operations, handling off market trading.

Learning Objectives:
• Gain Overview of Securities Back Office in T24.
• Learning about Linkages with core tables including tax, interest, charges and commissions
• Learning to set up parameter tables connected with this module
• Learning about risk management, accounting and messaging.
• Product features of Securities Back Office module.
• Learning about linkages with T24 Accounting, messaging and enquiries.

Target Audience:
• Private Wealth management back office user
• Business analyst
• Process owners
• Business architecture

• Basic T24 navigation skills
• Underlying banking business

Course Topics:
• Introduction
• Course objectives
• Overview
• Product Features
• Settlement related tables
• Corporate Action Processing
• Stock and cash options
• Rights & Reinvestments
• Tax & Fees Set up

Temenos t24 Developer Course content:

Introduction to jBase:
Course overview: This interactive course will give the delegates excellent knowledge and strong assurance in jBASE, environment variables, administration utilities, T24 structure and important files, printer setup in jBASE, T24 upgrade and patch releases.
Objectives: To fully understand jBASE and its utilities for administration and usage purposes
Target participants:
▪ IT users
▪ Programmers
▪ Administrators
Course pre-requisites:
▪ T24 – Introduction
▪ Introduction to jBASE
▪ T24 structure and important files
▪ Environment variables in jBASE
▪ File structure and file maintenance in jBASE
▪ jBASE Utilities
▪ Navigation in a Character user Interface (Putty / Reflection/TeraTerm)
▪ Close of business (COB) Process in T24 / Backup / Error handling in COB
▪ Workshops are included in this course and delegates will gain in practice since practice makes perfect
Introduction to jBASE Basic Programming
Course overview: This interactive course will give delegates excellent knowledge and strong assurance in jBASE BASIC programming including use of jBASE editor, compiling and catalog of code, instructions and debugging.
Objectives: Equip course participants to jBASE BASIC programming aspects and T24-related programming.
Target audience:
▪ T24 – Technical Programmers
Course pre-requisites
▪ T24 – Introduction
▪ First jBASE BASIC program(TAFC/TAFJ)
▪ Compilation
▪ jBASE BASIC editor
▪ Variables, functions and statements
▪ Programs flow instructions
▪ Data files access
▪ Inter-programs communication
▪ Debugging jBASE BASIC programs
▪ Fundamentals
▪ Files and File Handlers
▪ Introduction to common Insert and Equate files
▪ Use of Common Variables
▪ Write simple jBASE™ codes and compile and execute subroutines
T24 version routines handling.
jBASE BASIC: Advanced
Course overview:This interactive course will give delegates excellent knowledge and strong assurance in T24 programming including all types of enquiries and versions.
Objectives: To equip course participants with advanced jBASE™ BASIC programming knowledge for T24.
Target audience:
▪ T24 – Technical Programmers
Course pre-requisites:
▪ T24 – Introduction
▪ Introduction to jBASE™ BASIC Programming
▪ Overview of jBASE™ BASIC programming for T24
▪ Designing customized Enquiries
▪ Design Screen layouts using Versions
▪ Creation of NOFILE enquiries in T24 (requires programming knowledge)
▪ Close of business subroutines
▪ Workshops are included in this course and delegates will gain in practice since practice makes perfect

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